Stoneleigh: a natural garden

Stoneleigh a natural garden is a 42-acre property in Villanova, Pennsylvania, owned by the nonprofit organization Natural Lands. Founded in 1953, Natural Lands aims to conserve and restore lands in Pennsylvania. Since the garden is free, visitors of all ages and abilities are welcome to explore the natural wonders that surround it. Read on to learn more about this incredible property. Read on to learn more about Stoneleigh.

Stoneleigh is a 42-acre property

The Stoneleigh is a 42-acre natural gardens in Villanova, Pennsylvania. It is owned by the Natural Lands organization, a land conservation non-profit founded in 1953 with headquarters in Media, Pennsylvania. The garden was designed with the purpose of restoring the surrounding landscape for the benefit of the community. While it has some of the typical features of an urban garden, the setting of Stoneleigh is truly unique. More.

It’s a “gentleman’s farm”

For a unique experience, plan a visit to Stoneleigh a natural garden in Villanova, Pennsylvania. The 42-acre property is owned by Natural Lands, a land conservation non-profit organization founded in 1953. The garden is free to visit, but reservations are required. You can learn more about Stoneleigh by viewing a short video below. Once you’ve visited the garden, you’ll understand why Stoneleigh is called a “gentleman’s farm.”

It’s free

Stoneleigh is a 42-acre natural garden located in Villanova, Pennsylvania. The garden is owned by Natural Lands, a land conservation nonprofit organization based in Media, Pennsylvania. Visitors can stroll through this beautiful garden and enjoy the fresh air and wildlife. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, Stoneleigh is the perfect place to go. Visitors of all ages can enjoy a day out in nature. Browse next article.

It’s accessible to people of all abilities

The resort features a mile of paved paths with room for strollers and wheelchairs. The trails wind through extraordinary trees and native shrubs, with sweeping vistas and intimate garden spaces. There are many activities to keep everyone happy, whether you need a break or want to explore the beautiful nature around you. The outdoor center has restrooms and free parking, as well as a water fountain for the enjoyment of all.

It’s a dreamgate of a bygone era

The historic Stoneleigh estate was first purchased by Edmund Smith in 1877. Smith commissioned landscape architect Charles H. Miller to create a park-like setting around his Tudor Revival mansion. Later, he hired Olmsted Brothers to redesign the grounds. In 1932, Otto Haas bought the estate and lived there for more than 80 years. The Haas family later transferred ownership of the property to the National Land Trust. A great place to also visit is.


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