The Radnor Trail in Radnor, Pennsylvania

For anyone who lives in or near the Radnor area, there are several reasons to explore the 2.4-mile multi-purpose Radnor Trail. Among the reasons for visiting the Radnor Trail is the fact that it offers free parking, restrooms, and even dog-walking! You can also enjoy the trails without worrying about tripping over your dog because of their leash-free policy. The Radnor Trail is also a great way to exercise and enjoy a day out with the family.

2.4-mile multi-purpose trail

The Radnor Trail is a 2.4-mile rail trail in Radnor, Pennsylvania. The trail follows a former line of the Philadelphia & Western Railroad. There are multiple points of entry, including parking off Conestoga Road. Parking is available for a nominal fee. The trail can accommodate up to 5,000 visitors per day. For those interested in hiking or biking the trail, there are several ways to access it. Discover more about Radnor, PA.

Free parking

The Radnor Trail is a multipurpose rail trail that stretches about two miles through the community. This section of the Radnor Township was a former part of the Philadelphia & Western Railroad. It was converted into a multiuse trail in 2005. Those who use the trail for walking, jogging, or biking can enjoy the wide, paved paths and benches.


The Radnor Trail is a 2.4-mile rail trail in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania. It was once a part of the Philadelphia & Western Railroad. Several entry points lead to this popular trail, including parking along Conestoga Road. If you’re looking for a place to rest while enjoying your outdoor adventure, here are some options:

Dog-walking allowed

The 2.4-mile-long Radnor Trail runs through the township of the same name. Once a part of the Philadelphia & Western Railway Company, the Radnor Trail is open to dog-walkers on leash. Despite its location on an old railroad grade, this area is perfect for walking dogs. You can park in a nearby parking lot or along nearby Brooke Road. Parking is also available near the trail entrances. A Fantastic Read!


The Radnor Township Civic Association recently donated several signs to the new trail in the town of Radin, Pennsylvania. These signs are meant to show visitors what their community is all about, and they are located near the historic Radnor Township Civic Association building. While this building appears abandoned, it is not. The township’s sewage system and aesthetic appeal were recently restored. The community center is also the only African-American community center in the Main Line.


The Radnor Trail, a 2.4 mile-long rail trail in the town of Conestoga, Pennsylvania, is a great place to exercise outdoors. Part of the former Philadelphia & Western Railroad line, the trail can be accessed from multiple points, including the Conestoga Road entry point. There is parking available at all of the trail’s entry points, and the Radnor Trail is open to the public year-round. Next article.

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